The Monroe-Brown Biomedical Seed Fund (M-B Seed Fund) invests in biomedical startup companies with U-M licensed IP in the domain of therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, or health IT. The M-B Seed Fund is a collaborative effort between the U-M College of Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) and U-M Medical School’s Fast Forward Medical Innovation program (FFMI) program.

With a $3 million gift from the Monroe-Brown Foundation, the M-B Seed Fund awards $50,000-300,000 to biomedical startup companies. The Fund serves to drive the university’s world-class leadership by creating a critical pipeline between research and the biomedical innovation life cycle. The goal is to continue in our efforts to attract world-class research talent to U-M and the broader Ann Arbor entrepreneurial ecosystem, securing the university’s position as the leader in translational research.

This fund is exclusively for biomedical startups or companies with U-M IP or license. Most applicants need to successfully complete an existing U-M translational program such as CoulterMTRACNSF I-Corps and, or be recommended by the Deal Flow Council (DFC). Companies can also directly apply after consulting with the Program Manager. Applicants are required to complete the 3-4 page proposal and submit any relevant material.



Do you fund student startups that come out of the university?
Sorry, at this moment we are not considering student-IP owned startups from U-M.
What financial instrument do you use to invest?
Since most companies are very early-stage, we aim to keep the terms as simple and easy as possible. We use a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) agreement.
Are you open to other types of investment?
Yes, while we prefer doing a SAFE, we are open to considering other types or funding, especially when other investors are involved.
We have obtained some seed-funding, can we still apply?
If you have not had a Series round, but have received angel or seed-funding, you may still apply.
We have received venture capital funding in a Series A round and want some bridge-funding. Are we still eligible?
No. Any venture-backed company that has had a Series round is not eligible. We do not do bridge-funding.


Hirak Parikh, PhD


Direct: 734.647.7459



Mike Klein, CEO

Genomenon’s software simplifies genome interpretation to improve diagnostic accuracy in clinical practice and speed genetic discoveries in research laboratories.


William Brinkerhoff, Co-Founder & CEO

EVOQ offers nano-vaccine technology that is able to evoke potent anti-tumor T-cell responses that can eradicate tumors and establish long-term immunity against tumor recurrence.

Brio LLC

Hannah Hensel, Co-Founder & CEO

Brio’s insertion stylets minimize reliance on clinician skill for success and are designed to assist users in locating the trachea and maneuvering the endotracheal tube through the mouth, throat and airway.

Ripple Science

Jacob Bonenburger, Co-Founder & CEO

Ripple Science offers program management software for recruiting subjects for academic or industry studies.

Mountain Pass

Dale Royal, CEO

Mountain Pass Soultions (MPS) offers a fully configurable workflow management system as a SaaS product.



Parabricks helps companies and researchers sequence whole human genomes 48x faster than conventional next-generation sequencing pipelines saving on computation costs with a faster throughputs.


ONL Therapeutics

John Freshley, President & CEO

ONL offers a first-in-class therapy to protect the vision of patients with retinal disease, using a Fas inhibitor designed to protect against retinal cell death.