ENTR 412: Advanced Entrepreneurial Practicum

For Winter 2017 ENTR 412 – Advanced Practicum Lecture DC1321 – Design Lab 1 Tu/Th:  12:30 – 2:30pm Credits:  3 (Lecture and Discussion must be taken together) Grading:  Graded Prereq:… Read More

ENTR 409: Introduction to Venture Capital

For Winter 2017 1012 EECS M, T, W, Th:  4:30-6:30pm (Short course, runs Jan. 9- Feb 9, 2017). Credits:  1 Grading:  Graded Prereq:  Sophomore standing or above Instructor(s):  Adrian Fortino… Read More

ENTR 408: Patent Law

For Winter 2017 FXB 1024 Tuesday:  6:00 – 8:00pm Credits:  1 Grading:  Graded Prereq:  Sophomore standing or above Instructor(s):  Tiffany Miller Inventors and entrepreneurs have four concerns related to patent law:… Read More

ENTR 407: Entrepreneurship Hour

  The Entrepreneurship Hour speaker series provides a venue for students to engage and network with world-class entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business leaders from across the globe. This gateway class… Read More

ENTR 599.008: Innovation and Intellectual Property Strategy

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Seeing Detroit Through an Entrepreneurial Lens

Katherine Kampf is a rising junior studying Computer Science with a Minor in Entrepreneurship. She is extremely interested in the relationship between people and technology and enjoys approaching life with… Read More

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