Entrepreneurs abroad in Singapore and Turin

By Christine Gordon, CFE Curriculum and Programs Specialist Our immersive and entrepreneurially-focused study abroad opportunities launches students across two oceans in the summer! This year, May through June brings 20… Read More

How To Land A Job At A Startup

  Guest Blog by ELP Student Leann Abad – Literature, Science, and the Arts – Class of 2020 Dear Startup Internship Hunter, The search for an internship at a startup… Read More

Jump In at the Deep End!

  Guest Blog by ELP Student Thomas Kidd – School of Information – Class of 2018 The deep end of a pool seems like a dangerous place to begin swim… Read More

Consider Internship Differences

  Guest Blog by ELP Graduate Student Ray Zhang – Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering – Class of 2017 Having worked at a big software company as an machine learning… Read More

200 Years of Entrepreneurs

  The University of Michigan has a long-standing record of being home to some of the leading innovators, entrepreneurs, and world-changers. Since 1817, when the University of Michigan first began… Read More

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